Limit to number of sub-apps

The current plan set for one of our sub apps which we recently created is “hobby”. When I try to select plan “team” (which is selected for other live sub-apps ), the below message is displayed:

Also, since we would need a domain other than the one set as default, I tried to change the domain of the sub-app, but was not allowed to do so. The below message is displayed:

Please advise as to what should be done.

It looks like you’re still on the legacy plan and have hit your limit of upgraded apps. One of my accounts is still on the legacy plan, so I only get 5 private apps with custom URLs and such. It looks like you’ll either need to switch one of your other apps to Hobby, create a new account for this app, or switch everything off of the legacy plan.

I recommend you reach out to Bubble support directly since you’re likely encountering an edge case/bug.

Though if you are using sub apps, I recommend switching from a legacy plan to the new structure.

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