Can I have unlimited Saas sub-apps on the production plan?

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Quick question on sub-apps. Do I understand correctly that the ability to have sub-apps to the main app (For Saas software) is only available on the production plan? And Also does the production plan allow for unlimited sub-apps or is there a limitation?

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I believe each sub-app needs its own subscription, but I’m not 100% sure of that. I’d reach out to [email protected] and see if they’ll answer.

If you are building a SaaS, you don’t need sub-apps. What is the use case?

Thanks I am thinking of SaaS yes. I intend on creating an industry specific type of project management app using bubble, which I then want to be able to sell as a white-label SaaS tool yes. Can you elaborate on how this gets done if as you say I don’t need sub-apps?


Great! Just build the app using Bubble’s standard plan then you can look at using the new Cloudflare for all setup they just released to use CNAME and let them connect their own domain, or I can help with a CNAME setup we developed.


Thanks for that. I will definitely be in touch once we approach that stage.

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Great! I produced a webinar that walks your through it and sell it for £50 to a lot of people on here, so let me know and I can give you a copy for the ticket price.

You can use Sub apps, but I dont think Bubble designed the sub app system for that use case

It better not be my industry-specific. I’m already building that one. :wink:

Hi, I developed an app for my own company, but I think that It can be useful for renting as a Saas app.

The problem is that my company’s domain is very especific for some business area, so I need another domain.

Can I have with an professional legacy plan, two domains? for example:


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Hi Juan,

You could duplicate the app and run a SaaS version that you sell, and have the other version just for you.

Or, you could turn the whole app into a SaaS but you’d need to customise it to make it SaaS ready for example billing and plans if you want to charge for it etc.

I’d need to know more about the app to recommend something.


Hi @juancamilovasquezard were you able to achieve this whitelabel approach using sub apps?

Hi @iwakinomotoye finally I decided to keep the app as it was but yes you can use subapps but if I’m not wrong, you need to upgrade your plan to have subapps and each one will needs their own plan.

In the forum there are some threads about this white label setup without using subapps but I haven’t tested them.

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@juancamilovasquezard Thanks, appreciated!

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