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I was wondering if there is a way to limit a user or group of users server storage capacity?

for example… a group would have 1 plan and then say 10gb of server storage would be allocated to the entire group to use however they want. Once their 10 gb is up it would stop them from using the storage until they upgraded their plan or deleted something to make space. Is this possible? I want the storage to be shared and not 10gb per person or 10gb divided into how many people there are. I want it to just be a max in total for the group.

Thank you.

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If I’m understanding this correctly, you’re using Bubble’s Storage to do this, however, all Bubble plans only come with 10 GB of storage either way. (Hobby only offers 2GB)

Hi there,

With Bubble’s default storage facility and the storage on paid plans being 10GB (via Amazon S3) I cant see an out the box option to set this up, unless for instance you have a field in the ‘User’ which acts as a limiter to the number of files uploaded and the field is kept track of when a file is removed or uploaded. The problem is that you cant pull in the filesize as dynamic data I believe, so you could set a max upload per file, but if for instance a user uploads multiple small files, he or she will hit the limit quicker than expected.

So with that said it might be worth looking into the plugins section e.g. Box or Dropbox integration and seeing if the API can pull in filesize and other variables - its something I havent touched to be honest, but could work as a solution.

Hope this helps.


This might be possible now, funnily enough a update to Bubble has just been deployed which entails the following:

Although I haven’t tested this should in theory allow you to keep track of each users uploaded data in KB. For instance the default for each new user could be set on the data type of ‘Users’ as new number field e.g. ‘Storage Limit’ - the default being ‘1000000’ (as I imagine the value file size is identified in KB, so this would equals 1GB).

Then whenever a user uploads a file, you can check the file size of the uploaded file and deduct from the value of ‘Storage Limit’ and then whenever a file is deleted you can re-add the value of the file in size.

Hope this makes sense.

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Yeah I contacted bubble support about my project and its needs then refreshed my page and that was there. They work fast :wink: lol

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Excellent - yes exactly, they take the time to listen to the community and deliver :+1:

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