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Limitations of scheduled api workflows

I have been trying to figure out what the limitations are of the personal plan where it says “run monthly”

This exact question was asked here

but no one responded.

Just so it is here as well, my question is, does run monthly mean you can only run one scheduled workflow per month? Or is it one scheduled workflow per month per user?

Basically, I have an API that needs to get called every time a user signs up for my platform but that API for that user won’t need to be rerun for at least a month so if “run monthly” applies per user then I am golden. If one user uses up that once per month limit then even the run daily option wouldn’t even work for me (assuming “run daily” means once per day), as I eventually will have many users signing up in one day.

If someone can define the exact limitations and definitions of “run monthly” and “run daily” that would be much appreciated.

The limit of running monthly is for recurring workflows that run every month. It’s not only have one workflow scheduled per month.

Hope that helps. You should be fine with your use case.

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Fantastic. Thanks for your reply.

Do you know how to answer this question I have posted?


Looks like your question was answered :slight_smile:

Yes it was. Thanks for your help.

Sorry, but if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my most recent question in that same thread, I would really appreciate it.