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Limiting user action on a monthly basis by membership

I’m trying to figure out how to limit the number of episodes a user can request in a given month based on their membership. For example, my plans give the user the ability to have 4 or 12 or 30 episodes a month. Let’s say they choose 4, how can I restrict them from requesting more in that given timeframe but reset after that month is over?


Have two data fields under the user data type:

  1. requestsAllowed
  2. requestsRequested

requestsAllowed = 4, 12, or 30

Every time they request, add +1 to the requestsRequested field.

When they upgrade their plan, schedule a backend API workflow to reset their requestsRequested field back to 0. At the end of the API workflow, schedule it again to run in another month.

Hope that helps

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