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Plan based API call limits

Hey all,

So I’ve built an app that has 9 plans - 1 freemium where users sign up and they’re immediately subscribed and have access to 10 API calls per month which can be triggered through two input fields.

The other 8 plans are all paid plans - 4 annual and 4 monthly.

I was wondering if anyone can help me make it so that I can set limits on the API calls people can make per month or per year based on their plans.

These are the limits I need:

1st tier - 100 calls/m (monthly plan) 1200 calls/yr (yearly plan)
2nd tier - 300 calls/m (monthly plan) 3600 calls/yr (yearly plan)
3rd tier - 600 calls/m (monthly plan) 7200 calls/yr (yearly plan)
4th tier - 1200 calls/m (monthly plan) 14,400 calls/yr (yearly plan)

If you need more info, please let me know.


You can create a counter field on User and increase by 1 every time the API workflow is triggered. Place a conditional on the API workflow to check whether the counter value of the user is less or equal to the limit.

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