Limiting users on a monthly basis by membership

I’m trying to figure out the easiest and most efficient way to limit a users ability to perform an action on a monthly basis based on membership. I was thinking either have a field on user that tracks how many of each they have performed in a given time or possible create a new thing that resets monthly. Anyone have any experience with this?

You could do that, could you specify what you mean by “actions?” You could very possibly just like you said make a new field that tracks the number of actions and check it according to another field which sets the max, and also set a scheduled workflow to reset the number. If the number of actions is more or equal to the max then an error message pops up or a prompt to update, etc.

Yeah I think I figured it out. In my membership thing I placed two fields, one for host_credits and one for play_credits. Every time a user hosts or joins I deduct 1 credit until 0 then prevent the action. For some reason though my iteration to deduct 1 isn’t working.

Change thing current user membership play credit

Play_credit = current user membership play_credit - 1

Is not working and is isn’t setting play_credit to -1

Did you just try - (subtract) 1 if it’s a number type?

I’m out running some errands but when I get back I will double check I didn’t miss that! That’s probably it, lol! YOU THE MAN JOHNNY!

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There isn’t an option like that…still can’t get it to work, very strange…

What type of data is your play credits as?

The field type is number, here is a picture of the data types, work flows and the result in database that’s -1, what’s strange is it works for the host_credits…

Interesting, a subtract one action should do the trick, can’t tell the issue from screenshots

I think it was my privacy settings, cause I cleared all of them and now it’s working…

Nice! Glad its working now :slight_smile:

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I knew I wasn’t crazy! Lol :rofl:

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