Line Chart custom X axis

Hello everyone. I am plotting time series data with a line chart, and trying to custom my x axis.
I particular, currently all x-axis values are plotted, which makes the result non readable.

This was done using a line/bar chart. I also tried using other plugins but could not find a one that allowed me to use, let’s say, only 5 values on the x-axis for more easy reading.

Does someone have any idea ?
Thank you very much,

In your data source - just add “filtered by” at the end of your dynamic list source. You can also add those constraints within the “Search for”.

Add whatever your constraints would be, and then only the filtered items will be visible on the chart.

Also, while you’re new, you should look or think about caching that data, then load based off the cached data if available. This will prevent you from using the “Search for” or “Filtered by” more often than needed. Resulting in less workload units being spent.

To do this: Search for the data first, then when it’s loaded, save the data inside the users local storage or similar, then pull the data from the local storage if the data is there.

You can easily accomplish this with my BubbleEssentials plugin.

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Hello @GhostCodes, thank you for your response.
Actually, I want to keep all my points, I just want less information on the x-axis. If I filter on the datasource, I will end up with less points.
But thank you for the caching tip, I will definitely look at it !

Could always remove it, and make your own x-axis labels.