Link Company to services

Hi Bubblers i need help.
My scenario is: for a user to order our SERVICES they first need to register for a COMPANY, then every Service they order must be listed under a company, i can only link the services to a user, im struggling to link the ordered services under a company.


Hi there, @shisaware… what you described sounds like it should be easy to do, but I don’t know what you mean by only being able to link services to a user. How are you storing services in your app? Are they linked to a company in any way? It sounds like they should be but currently aren’t. Can you share some screenshots of your data types and workflows?


Hi @mikeloc please see screenshot, i have 3 services, one company can order those services once off( its a certification service so a company only have to do it once) .

for example if a user buy ATTS Registration for company A , let it be listed under Company A only, When a user clicks on a repeating group of companies (see second image) , the next page will show all the services currently active for that company.

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