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Sign up user and link with company

Hi -

I need some help for the following:

In my database I have companies and users. At point of sign up I would like to link a user with a company. I do not want to show the users a full list of the companies that have been added to the database. These are the ways I think I could handle them but not sure how to implement any!

(1) Type in a company reference code (that I provide to them) and at point of sign up it checks and validates the reference code and link that user to the company.

(2) Provide a unique URL to an individual with the company preset so they just sign up and do not need to type in any reference code.

(3) Validate the email so that if for example it contains “@zava” then sign the user up. I would then need to manually update the user so that they are linked with a specific company.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Link this to the original org account.
You could search thru that way, even could use a backend WF to keep data safer

Thanks for the reply! Can you explain how I would do this in a bit more detail. I’m new to bubble :slightly_smiling_face:

I would allow the company to signup the users.

First step would be to create the first User in your app and allow that user to create the Company data type entry. This might be an IT person from that company who is in charge of such software integrations.

I’d then make sure during the on-boarding of a company we create a company data type for them with that company details…one such field would be the name as a text, but you could also use the ‘@zava’ as a reference for linking users to companies.

Once the first user and the company have been created I’d allow the first user to upload a CSV file with all other employee names and email addresses. I’d run backend workflows to email each newly created User (employee) a magic link to login the first time (I’d also have features if the link is expired to automatically send a new one if they attempt the login from an expired link - this would entail adding to the link a parameter that would be their email address).

During the creation of the users I would be relating them to the company.

This would let a single member of the company on-board all company employees in a matter of minutes through automation of processes.

Do note, that this process would work mostly in cases where you are selling a software as a service to a company who will then provide their employees access to the software under their company account.