Link element's text is not selectable for copying

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The title is self-explanatory. Imagine there is a Link element with this static data “Google is a fantastic search engine.” and with an external link to The link element operates as designed, i.e., when one clicks on “Google is a fantastic search engine.” you will be taken to

But what if someone wants to copy the text itself, “Google is a fantastic search engine.” This text is not selectable. Am I missing something? How can I allow users to select and copy the text of the link element itself just like regular text elements?

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Hi @chaos.master
(1) you could thinking about adding a “copy to clipboard” action to achieve the result! e.g. Copy to clipboard javascript
(2) maybe you could use a text element with a link instead of the link element - just an idea!

You can use a text and check the recognize links and email checkbox.

Bubble tutorials

This is awesome never knew the link would be opened…if only Bubble would have rounded out the functionality and made it so an email would be ‘click to email’ functionality.

No matter which way you do it, using a link element or a text element the moment the user clicks the element, they will be navigated away from the page, and likely no workflows will run (if it is the link element…the text element will run a workflow to copy it, however, the user will be automatically navigated to the link via a new tab, so they would need to return to the app page to recognize the link was copied to clipboard – it would still copy to clipboard though, but UX will be terrible).

You can use the free plugin (makes life simple because it works) Air Copy to clipboard Plugin | Bubble and then instead of having them click the text or link element, have a button that says something like ‘copy to clipboard’ and when that gets clicked you have the plugin do the copy to clipboard action.

I suppose this could be a solution if the text and the URL are the same? I mean it if the text was, then yes. Bubble recognizes it and considers it a link. But what if you are explaining something and trying to include an external link to that? For example, the text is “google is a great search engine.” And you would like to add a hyperlink to this sentence.

Thank you for the ideas.

I can use a text element, and enable click action, and then in the workflow, under navigation, there is “open and external website” option, where I can write as the destination. This is perfect, BUT the catch is it always opens in the same, and there is no option to open in a new tab. My page is hyperlinked heavy, and would like to open the links in a new tab instead of leaving bubble and navigating to that external page.

It seems that I have to start writing Java Script code to do such a trivial problem.

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