Linked database field empty

Here is my scenario:(trying to build an app to connect astrologers with clients)

Page where user enter’s details looks like this:

Have 2 data base tables:

Now I want to create a presentation page with repeating groups where i display a list of astrologers and each section has the below information in each cell of the repeating group
Profile image
(above 2 items from table 1)
Experience in years
(above 3 items from table 2)

Since the information displayed in each group of the repeating group if from 2 tables i want to link table 1 (RegisterAstrologerPersonalData) with table 2(RegisterAstrologerSkillDetails) using the linkedfield present in table 1. So now my question is how do i poulate the linked filed with data so that i can connect table 1 with table 2, so that i can present data from both these tables in every group inside the repeating group.

Screen shot of the workflow for GET OTP button form in screen shot 1:

Many thanks.

In Skill database you can create a field (personaldetails) to link with PersonalDetails (type) database .
In your workflow in the second step you will create the thing (personaldetails) = ResultofStep 1’s value.