Data from different field into a repeating group


I’m creating a site that can track pupils test results and have hit a bump in the road.

I have a database full of names of pupils with each pupil having 10 test results.

The pupil’s name is a field and each test is a different field.

Is it possible to set up a repeating group that shows one pupils scores for all 10 of the tests on different lines of the repeating group? So on one line, it will show the test name (which is the field name) and then the pupil’s score.

Once I sort this bit out I will add a dropdown menu allowing teachers to pick a pupil and their test results will appear in the repeating group.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Additionally, is it possible to use different data fields in a radar diagram?

Any and all help will be much appreciated!

Hi, let me sum up. You’ve got a list of
-‘Pupil’, probably with First, Last name, Age…
-‘Test’ with Name, and Score. Each one is linked to a ‘Pupil’.

Then your repeating group will be: Do a search for ‘Tests’ with the constraint ‘Pupil’=DropDown ‘Pupil’.
Check the checkbox “ignore empty constraints” if you want to show all the tests when your Pupil dropdown is empty.

@devease thanks yes this is exactly what I am trying to do.

So have the pupils in a separate data type and all the scores and test names in a different data type.

Can I ask how you would then link each row of data in the test/scores data type to the pupil?



This is something you set when building your database:

Hi Remi,

Thanks a lot!

I have added this, but how does it work when actually uploading the actual test results if I was to upload numerous test results through a CSV file?

You have to modify your ‘Test’ list after upload in order to link each new ‘Test’ to ‘Pupil’.
You can do it with the ‘Pupill’s’ unique ID or a readable text (eg last name if there are no doublons).