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Linkedin authentication error - This site cannot be reached

Hi I am brand new to bubble and while playing around with some ideas I get the following error when trying to login with linkedin

The web page at{“oauth_provider”%3A"linkedin"%2C"resume_key"%3A"1482141156888x28"%2C"used_redirect_url"%3A""}&scope=r_basicprofile%20r_emailaddress might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

I have setup the linked in application and provided the API ID and secret key to the plugin. The test site is which is also the url I use for the linkedin oAuth 2.0 redirect URL.

Have tried similar setup with fackbook and it worked first time.

Any tips would be appreciated,

Okay so I fixed the issue above. The problem was between the keyboard and the chair.

Basically I had the Clinet ID and secret key the wrong way around. In my defence the inputs for the Linkedin plugin are in the opposite order to every other plugin and how every site (linked in facebook, amazon etc) which have the ID first then the key.

Anyway hopefully this helps someone one day.