Linkedin login, collect email, update user email in DB

Hi every one,

I have been through the whole forum and there is so much confusion qnd incomplete solutions regarding Linkedin plugin, api connector.

Linkedin plugin can’t get the email address, while the api connector seems to be a not very reliable solution " correct me with examples if I ma wrong"

is there any solution " that was implemented and tested qnd not just suggestion" that is reliable, gets the user’s email that is associated with their linkedin profile, and to update the same user’s empty email field with that email in the database ?

thanks everyone in advance, and sorry for the frustration tone, but I have been chasing so many misleading videos and posts in this matter, qnd it seems that bubble team don’t have a clear answer too.

Hi Ahmed, super late but I hope my article help you in obtaining the primary email from LinkedIn!


Actually it is perfectly timed! Thanks will let you know if I have any questions or comments :blush:

Thank you! Looking forward to your success and feedback :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your article. Helped a lot. But for some reason this is not working properly.

Whenever I sign up a new user via LinkedIn it works, but it won’t get the email address. That’s find, I can use ‘update user’s credentials’ and whatnot.

But then if I try to sign a user up ‘manually’ and then reconcile this new user’s account with a linkedin account, it doesn’t work, because it always signs a LinkedIn user as a new user with an empty email.

I’m stuck with that, do you have any ideas? Thank you very much for reading this.

Does with profile photo and name working as well? :smiley: Have tried couple times before without much of success. Email should work, same as the Linkedin ID.


Hey @another and @stefano I understand LinkedIn has updated their API scope since I released this documentation. I’ll have to have a look at the changes and make amends to it.


It seems still possible, but it feels something is missing in action. There is statement in regards of photo and name during the Linkedin Login, while in the backend there is space to choose the two as well, but not sure, maybe it is only for “official” Linkedin login plugin.

Thank you for looking back into this @shenalyo . Honestly it didn’t cross my mind that the API could have changed LOL.

@stefano @another yes to obtain LinkedIn member data one now needs to use 3 legged oauth.

Here’s the documentation for that in the meantime

2 legged oauth now only grants permissions to your application to access protected LinkedIn resources. If you are accessing APIs that are not member specific, use this flow.

Here’s documentation on that Authenticating with OAuth 2.0 Overview - LinkedIn | Microsoft Learn

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