Open map with address from link


I am very new to bubble and still finding my way around things.

I am displaying data in a repeating group where I also display the Address. I have been struggling to link that address when clicked to open a page and display the map with their location?

How can I achieve this? Also, is there a possibility once displayed on the map, to trigger a click on the marker to open Google maps app for directions.

Any guidance and help welcome.


You could create a page that has a map on it and link it to that page, passing the address through parameters.

Thank you for the swift response.
I did get as far as creating a page with the map on it, but I struggle to chose the right parameters for it to work.

Are you able to give me an example? Would appreciate it.

Edit, here is what I get if I want to pass the info on

And here is how the data looks, which holds the full address

Did you try setting the data for the page to Merchants?