Linking a quotation to a user

Hi all, just started using a week ago and I’m extremely impressed with how easy it is for me (a person with almost no dev experience) to build a website. This is all very exciting.

I am trying to create a customer onboarding journey with multiple pages as steps. it is as follows:

Step 1: user inputs their name and email in two fields and clicks next. This action will create a user with a unique user ID on my DB, the user will be based on the email which is the unique identifier. (this part i was able to figure out).

Step 2,3,4,5,etc: the user will then fill out different pages with different information needed to generate their quotation. for example the second page they might enter Input 1 & 2 and click next. Once they click next a new quote record should be created and it should be associated with the user created from the previous page (from step 1).

I am able to create the quote record but unable to link the record to the user itself. Keep in mind I am not asking the users to sign up or log in, that will be done after they make a purchase.

I hope my question is clear and sorry if this was answered in previous threads. I tried using the method of sending data to the next page but still not able to solve this problem.

Edit: attaching an image hoping that it will explain more what im trying to achieve


If any more information is needed please let me know and I’ll provide it!

Okay so I did a bit of more searching and I managed to link the quotation with the user via the UniqueID by sending that parameter to the next page (Yay!)

Now I have another issue… If the same user comes back and enters the same email, no UniqueID is being sent to the next page (keep in mind I only create new users when the email doesn’t exist, otherwise the same user will be used)

How can I make it so that the user’s UniqueID is sent to the next page whether a new user is made or not?

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