How to associate links with users?

Dear Bubble community,

I am trying to create links that can be associated with specific user. Currently, my app gives an opportunity for companies to test candidates’ skills. Each time, company member should invite candidates by manually adding their emails.

I want to add another feature, where company can generate a link and share it with candidates. Each candidate that clicks on this unique link should be associated with that specific company (which member generated the link).

Please help me in solving this issue.

Hi Bubble users!

Any ideas?

I think a simple way is to add parameters to the url of the page. Then set that parameter = to a randomized unique ID for the user - not the Bubble UserID obviously. Then you query the parameter when someone uses that URL and associate it back with the right user. I’d also add a parameter with companyid also some random unique ID not the company name. This way you have 2 variables you can use to figure out which company and which user used the link.

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