Linking calender to database for display on text field

I have an issue, I used the airdate/time picker element. I have already set up ‘when a value’ is clicked from the workflow. The issue is how I can connect the element to my database such that when I pick a date, it displays th content related to that date on a text field. Kindly assist.

Is there a specific reason you are saving it to the database as soon the value is picked? On your text field you can reference the airdate picker directly, without going though the database: Air Date Picker’s: value.

If you need to save the value for future use, then you would use the databse. But if you are just displaying it, there is no need.

Thanks for the response. I do have a list of things on the database that I need users to access. For example if users click 4th January on the calender, I need it to display the information peculiar to 4th January in the text box. ( I already populated the database from first to 31st and I have a date field set as date). I hope you understand ? Thanks

What does this mean?

But yes would essentially save the date to the database using the ‘make change to thing’ action, and then on the text field you would need to ‘do a search for’ and fetch the database record.
Just to be clear, in your use case, the person that is viewing the text field is a different person than the one selecting the date right?

Populated the database means there are details for each day of the month.

And to be clear, the same user selects the date, and it displays the info in the text field . As a Christian daily devotional that makes you select a date to read a particular message. Something like that