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Help with linking user data to two other data types

Hey! I am working on a project where I need to call back the user’s name and email from another datatype. Please help! I have a very quick video explaining the problem. It should be a simple fix.


Options set
Role (Finder, Giver)

Name (text)
Role (options set Finder or Giver …. respectively on sign-up)

Do away from using two objects instead of one where the respective role is assigned on sign-up. A giver signs up as a user with role giver and a finder signs up with role finder

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Current cell’s giver’s user’s name should work…

The fact it’s not suggests you probably have privacy rules stopping you from seeing user data, and I can see in the video that your user data type does indeed have privacy rules set.

So check that, and remove/modify them accordingly and you should be good.

Alternatively you can set the name fields in the giver data type in the same workflow you use to creat the giver, then just refer to that.


Awesome! Such a simple fix I did not even recognize it. Thanks

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