Linking data using to different datatypes on the same page

Hi Bubble Forum,
I have a question that I hope someone can help me solve. I am truly in need of help.

I have created 2 datatypes (databases). One has resident information. It has hundreds of residents’ addresses in dozens of different neighborhoods. The other database has the list of all the neighborhoods as listed in datatype 1 and each neighborhood has a list of rules (violations). The goal is to create a drop down menu that selects a neighborhood on one page, goes to a second page where two new drop down menus are located. One menu contains the list of addresses the other contains the list of rules both filtered by the neighborhood selected on the first page. Is this something that can be done? Below is a diagram that shows the 2 datatypes and the page setup.


If you can expose the editor, it will be easy to make changes and show you how this is done.

I have a couple of questions though:

Do you need to pass the values to a new page or could you also work within one page and use groups that you hide and show dynamically? Using less pages will help is simplyfing the app, make it faster and more mobile friendly.

Do you need two datatypes? Could you not achieve the same thing by adding the Rules as a list of texts to the first data type?

Not sure I fully understand but it seems:

Datatype 1 = Neighborhood

name: funtimes
resident: john doe
address: 123 abc st.

Datatype 2 = Rules
Neighborhood = Neighborhood (a field of type Neighborhood)
Rules = list of texts

You could do:

Data type: Neighborhood

name: fun times (text field)
rules: 1,2,3,4 (text field or as a data type ‘Rules’)
Resident (could be text field, but could also be a ‘Resident’ object. This allows you to create a profile for each resident with more information that gets stored in its own data type. You simply refer to a Resident for each Neighborhood. Or perhaps this should be a ‘list of Residents’. If it is just a static field, you could stick to text.

So you see there are so many ways to achieve what you want, but it would be good to first really figure out what you need exactly. Especially the connecting of data types is very powerful but can also be confusing :slight_smile:

Below is a link to my the app
I’m not sure what exposed means or how to do or confirm that the app is “exposed”.

In this case I would like to use two pages because the second page in the diagram would be reused a few times before moving onto a third page(closeout page).

Let me give a little more background on the intention of the app. That may help us both converge on the best solution.
The purpose of the app is to create a ticketing/citation system for my neighborhood and eventually grow it to support several neighborhoods. Residents list (DT1) is the residents and DT2 is the list of rules of the neighborhood. What I envisioned was; select the neighborhood on the first page, move to the second page(send data to second page), then select a resident’s address in drop down menu #1 and then select a rule that is violated from drop down #2.

when selecting a way to construct the data management system for this app, I initially thought about creating 1 massive table that combined DT1 and 2 but I was concerned about slowing the app due to duplicate lists of rules. I read that two DTs could work. just not sure how to use it.

I hope this helps and thank you for your speedy response and the fact that you decided to help me at all.

Please check your app, page called vincent.

I created something that will be very scalable as you grow your rule set etc. it might give you some ideas of how to move forward.

its all about embedding things in other things. I don’t have any time left, so let me know if something is unclear.

you should use conditions to hide the icons when they are in a certain state. The empty one adds to the list, the checked, takes it back off. You can then add a set of rules to a hood you selected.

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Thanks for the help, Vincent. I will it to good use.

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