Multi-type field?

Hi there, good people!

I was wondering if you could help me get my head around the following: for my project management tool, I’d like to set up a data type that can store tasks to be done by the respective users using the tool. A proposal might need a review or confirmation, a project might need an approval or feedback.

Thus, I am setting up this data type called Tasks, and I added fields to store the issuer of the task / request, the person who needs to carry out the task (both of type User) and then - and this is the problem - the referenced type of process (could be a topic, a proposal, a project… all in all 8 different other data types).

How do I create a field in a data type that can represent a number of different other data types?

Should I just create eight different fields - one for each field - and then only fill the corresponding one? (That’s what I’ve come up with so far…) If that’s the way to go:

How do I create one listing (presumably with a repeating group) that draws from either of 8 different fields?

Thank you for a quick confirmation if my chosen path seems valid or not (first question) and a quick tip on how to … concatenate (?) information from multiple fields.

Yes, create separate fields for each type of thing. In theory, you could save unique IDs from the different types of things in a single text field and then retrieve them using a search when you need them, but that’s really messy. Stick to regular fields of a specific type if possible.

Excellent - thank you, @aj11 !

When I then try to bring everything - all these different types of tasks - together in one dashboard, I suppose I just put dynamic content for each of the eight fields in the same list and since seven of these dynamic content fields will stay empty anyhow, only one gets shown. Alright - that seems straight-forward…

Thanks again!

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