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Linking Parent Child Repeating Groups

Is it possible to have 2 repeating groups linked.

With Visual Basic or C# one makes a list in a table, like a repeating group. Then when a particular row is selected, the second table, (second repeating group) then show a list of items related to the ROW selected in the first repeating group (or table)

Table one has the following text lines in the repeating group
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3

Then if Class 1 is selected

Student Jim
Student Bob
appears in repeating group 2

If Class 2 is selected

Student Sally
Student Jim

appears, because they are both in that class

I have created one Type that has a field that is a list. I would like that list to appear in the second repeating group.


Yup, entirely possible.

Several ways of doing it. The simplest, I think, would be to have an action when you click on the Class > Element Actions > Repeating Group > Display List. Then do a search based upon the selected Cell.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I will proceed to try this action out.

Pop it in the forum app if you are having difficulty.

But it should be quite straightforward, the click in one repeating group does a search that sets the other one.