How to use display list in repeating group

So, in my page i create an input and a search button and a repeating group
so my idea is when i search “student id”
it will show that particular student id cgpa history in repeating group
so what i did is when button search is clicked it will display list in repeating group cgpa(Element = repeating group cgpa)
(Data source = Search for Rent(constraint : student id = Search for student(constraint :student id = input student id value)first item))
,this does not produce error but it doesnt work,can someone help me

Screenshots make it easier to understand what you built. I suggest the Snipping tool if you’re on Windows.

Why do you search for student id twice?

Why do you want to use a repeating group to display one item? Do you have multiple students with the same id?

You can see if the search works by just setting the data source of the RepeatingGroup to that search directly. It will load as soon as the page loads.

Keep in mind that a repeating group displays a list. If you give it a single item you have to convert that item to a list with “:convert to list” but a search should always return a list by default.

Did you put some elements into the repeating group to actually display the data? By itself a repeating group won’t display anything. You have to put some text elements or images or something else in there and set them to display their cell’s data.

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