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Linking popup to button in repeating group

Hi All -

I have a repeating group listing summary data from a data table. I’d like to include a “Details” button in each row to open a popup containing detailed information about each entry in the table. I’m struggling to “connect” the button with the table row.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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This might help.


I have a similar problem. I want to include a “Delete” button in each row. When a user clicks on it, a “confirmation popup” opens. I want to connect a confirmation button in the popup that deletes a thing of a certain row in the repeating group.


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If you look at the above, you will see how you can send a “thing” to the popup.

You can then have a button in the popup that has a workflow that deletes the popup’s “thing”.


Thanks so much @NigelG , it work great with “displaydata”. :grin:


Great example. I just wonder about the initial input for the images. is that a single image or multi file uploader?

How did you create the connection between the lemon entry and the lemon images?