Popup which opens data only from specific row of repeating group


In my app, I have a table which shows sell orders for a company. This is populated by people wanting to sell their shares. What I am trouble with is when I press view orders, i want to users to see all the buy orders made for that particular sell order (as defined by each row) in a seperate popup.

Currently, other users can register interest by clicking the "register interest’ button which opens this popup:

When they click submit - a new thing is created (a buy order) which shows how much they are willing to pay for the sell order (based on the quantity of shares).

I want to collect all the buy offers and display them in another popup so users can see what people are offering to buy those sell orders. If I press ‘view orders’:

What I want is when a user clicks 'view order’s, it shows a popup as above where At X Share Quantity, (is the sell order row of the repeating group), I will have a list of current bids showing what people are prepared to pay for.
I don’t know how to tailor each button to each row in the repeating group.

Any Advice Greatly appreciated.


You need to send the clicked “thing” to the popup.

Examples etc here.


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great thanks - but how do you send data to a popup?
I can’t seem to navigate to a popup.

Right now in my workflow, when the view order button is clicked, i ‘show element’ (the popup).
I don’t see how they have navigated to that popup (and sent the data through to it?)

Maybe this example is better …


So, right after you show the popup (in the example it is on the click of the image, but you can use a button)… you display data in the popup. That is how you send the data to it.

You send the “current cell’s data” to the popup, the button will know what cell it is in.


Nevermind - i sorted it! thanks!

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