Linking popup with button

I need to show a popup when I click a button. Does anyone know how to do that, please help.
Also, I want to make it to where I can click a button and it shows a status on another page. For example, I click a button saying “online” and then it would show that I am online on another page.

By “another page” do you mean that when the same user goes to another page they get a popup ?

Or that when user A clicks “Online” then User B gets a popup that says “User A just came online”.

I would like to have it to where a user presses a button saying they are available and it goes to another page saying they are available. I am trying to build a dispatching system and their are a few things I need to add that I can’t find. I would also like to have a database that people can create a character and it saves and people can search up that character. Can you please help me with any of this

There are a few things here that you are after. The video lessons that Bubble provides will help you understand how to do these. To show a pop-up: Add the pop-up to your page. On the button on the page add a workflow to show the pop-up you have added. Bubble will automatically hide the pop-up and only show it according to your workflow.

Gaby also has some great Bubble videos on YouTube.

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