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Can someone tell me how to show popups

I have started working on Bubble and I want to have a popup to be displayed as soon as someone clicks Signup on my app. I have created a pop up but when I preview my app the popup does not show. please help

You need to trigger a popup to display. So you would need to add a workflow action after signup up to Show the pop-up.

thanks a lot

Can you please explain the process. Can get it done. I have created a popup and in the design tab it’s under hidden element. Now when I go to workflow tab I don’t know how to proceed. Can you please tell me how to trigger popup in workflow. Please help.

Look for the “show” action in the workflows.

Your workflow block should be something like:
When (something is clicked) show (popup)


Thanks a lot. It’s working:grinning:

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You can do the same thing with groups, except you would need to hide the group first…