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Linking signup/subscription on Wix website to app access

I have a Wix website and have set it up so that users can sign up and pay for subscriptions through the website. How do I connect my app to this so that users can get direct access to the app from the website and so that their access can be managed or restricted based on the status of their subscription?

Hey @meredith

Thanks for reaching out and interesting idea! Does Wix have a database that you’re able to store user authentication in? If so, you might set up some sort of api call from Wix’s end to reach out to Bubble and create an account for the user when they pay.

But, if I were you, I would handle ALL the authentication and payments in Bubble. It’s possible to even have part of your Bubble app appear in an iframe, so you could put a signup / payment form on your wix site. The benefit being that all the authentication is handled in one place and in Bubble’s database.

I should warn though, that I’m not personally familiar with Wix’s feature set. So, you might consider checking out our Coaching marketplace where you can work with Bubble experts on an hourly basis to get help with specific problems. Potentially someone there might have enough experience with Wix to have a solid solution for you.

And of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at [email protected] with any questions.

Okay so. On my Wix website I have a link to my bubble app. Then I have users sign up and come back to the website. On my Wix website I need to API call to the database. Is there a way to do that, for other applications to access the bubble forum?

Thanks Andrew. I’m trying to get one of my Bubble app pages to show in a Wix iframe. It’s asking me for either a website address or code. Do I need to use a Live website address? Or how do I determine which code to use?

@meredith Sure thing! In your case, I’d lean towards recommending the website address and you’ll put in the address of the page you’d like to embed. I’m not familiar with Wix though to know if they give controls for width / scrolling etc if you just input a URL. If they don’t, you could use an online server to help build the HTML code for your own embed (where you could specify those things) and then input the code instead of just the url.

@adamthiesenh Absolutely! I’m not familiar enough with Wix to tell you how to do it on their end, but as long as you’re on a paid plan, you can absolutely expose endpoints in your app to make calls / trigger workflows from external sites like Wix. Here’s the section in our manual that talks about doing that: API - Bubble Docs