List of SMS Recipients

Hello there! I am asking for advice on how to resolve my issue.

I am currently making a List of SMS recipients and I am using Custom States here. So basically, I add data from my RG to my Custom State List. When I trigger a button, an API will send SMS to all recipients in that Custom States.

I get the recipients correct, as it sends 1 SMS message for each of the recipients in my Custom State List. However, when it comes to name, it appears that each SMS that is sent, consolidates all the names in the same SMS. For example, an SMS is meant for Bob, and Joe, so 1 SMS is sent for Bob and another one for Joe, however, the body of the SMS show’s the name Bob and Joe, instead of Bob for the SMS intended for him, and Joe for the SMS intended only for him too.

I want to personalize my SMS body to include Bob’s name in the SMS for him, as well as Joe’s name for the SMS intended for him only. My option here is Parent Group, but that expression consolidates both their names.
Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 23.43.49

If you want to send a personalised message to each recipient, it might be best to Schedule the API on a list rather than using a single API run. You would run the API once per recipient, and on run you would customise the message value and send one message.

You could use the :find & replace operator to replace the key with the user’s name But there are many other ways to handle the personalised message body.

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Thank you @nico.dicagno ! I am able to make it work now through Scheduled API List.