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List of things associate to an element of list of things

Hi All,

I"m trying to create a list of things that are associate to an element of list of things:

I want to then choose from a drop down menu so I can display what ‘riders’ are inside that ‘car’

Here is how I tried to approach it:


Create a Car Thing. It has fields Name. Riders field (List of Person), SubRiders field (List of Person)
Create a Person Thing. It has field Name.

You will then probably want a Journey Thing, with fields Car (type Car) , DateTime (type Date), if you are wanting to track different journeys with who was in each car when.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I’m not sure that worked for me…

I can add the list of riders to a car… but those riders are not associate with that particular car… For example I have Steve’s Car but the riders are not associated with that.

I tried to crate a dropdown which shows a repeated group with the associated riders to no avail.


EDIT:::: It works now. I will leave the app public for future folks, Thanks Dave



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Good to hear, I just went to try and create a demo for you, but the system doesn’t appear to be playing ball…just raised a bug message to see what happened.

At least you got it now :slight_smile:

Let me take that back… Its not quite there yet.

From the example I have it works on a global scale… How do I go about making it specific to a user?
I can’t seem to create a type that can contain everything else.


I still can’t get this I don’t seem to be able to add a list of things (which is compiled of a list of things as one of it’s elements ) into a user

Is it possible?

So a user has a list of cars ? And a car has a list of riders ?

Is Bob in Car 1 the same Bob as in Car 2 ? Or rather … do you want to know what cars a rider has been in ? And for what users ?

The way it is currently set up it is just all lists of Texts, which in this case isn’t all that helpful.

One of the really powerful things about bubble is that you can “embed” one thing in another. So if you have a Car data type, you can have a list on your User that has a Type of Car … and you can add it to that list on the user. You don’t need to store a text and then somehow try to link it.