Quick but important answer needed: Can thing A have a list of thing A?


Is it possible to create a list of thing A in thing A?

I changed my database setup from having two things (meetings and projects) into one thing. So instead of having thing A and B. I now have thing A only. Bubble let me create a list of thing A into thing A.

So I thought this should work. Workflows to add a thing A to a list of thing A of thing A also works. At least I can create it. But running the workflow it doesn’t seem to work. I checked the workflows. Nothing wrong with them but it simply does not add a thing A in the list of thing A of thing A.

It definitely should work. The issue is probably in the database setup, workflows, or the data you are adding to the list. Try posting a link to the editor or some screenshots.

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Thanks Scott, then I know that it’s not impossible. I will do research myself thirst. If I am lost i will post.

Well I figured it out. I simply did not give all the in depth groups a data source “parent group thing” though in my workgroup I refered to “parent group thing”. Like: my car will not start; did you put fuel in the car? :slight_smile:

Yes, it will work.

That is how lists of “Friends” work. They are a list of Users on a User.

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Thanks clear example Nigel

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