List of Things in DB Field --> Implications for Page Load Speed

I’ve got a repeating group that displays a list of upcoming events. For each event, I want to display a list of user’s who’ve registered. I’m trying to understand the performance implications of 2 different solutions:

  1. Add a “List of Registered Users” to our event table. Then, simply reference that on the page. Only drawback is the constraint of only showing 100 things within this list which doesn’t impact us.
  2. Add a “List of Registered User IDs” to our event table. Then, do a “search for” for each ID to get the user’s name.

So, #1 will load the user’s profile photo (I believe) for each registered user and I’m not using that info so it could cause this to be relatively slow. For #2, I’m only loading the user’s name which is less data to send, but I’m running “search for” a lot which is slow.

Any idea how the performance would vary for the two? …As a corollary, does loading a thing load the image itself, or just the URL for the image? If just the URL then I suspect #1 is faster.