Repeating group: Use a List or do a search?

Hey guys,
I’ve got this property page which displays all the properties a user has, which might end up being hundreds. For efficiency should the datasource for the RG be “current users properties” or “do a search for properties where owner is current user”?

Hi there, @reeceb… if I understand your post correctly, you’ve got a properties field on the User data type that is a list of things created in a Property data type, right? If that is correct, I believe the prevailing wisdom says if the list is going to include hundreds of items, you are probably better off during a search through the related data type for things created by (owned by) the current user. Who knows, it might not make much of a difference in your case… you could test it and see. But again, if the list could be over 100 items, my understanding is that a search is likely to be more performant.


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Thank you for clarifying, i’d heard conflicting thoughts but wasn’t sure.

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