List problem | repeating group

Hello; I need to build a system were the user can select two dates, and then can see between those 2 days which company increased more (or less) their sales.

I have a data type ‘Sales’, with a field Date, and a field Company.
I have made a field ‘Variation’ (number) to the data type Company.
I put a botton that ‘make change to a list of companies’. It works, but the problem is for example user A calculates between 1-1-21 / 1-8-21; and a little after user B calculates between 1-1-21 / 1-15-21, what user A will see in the repeating group is what B calculated.
If the field Variation were a list, it will have the same problem (because will show all the calculations of all the users).

The user need to see the variation that he have selected.

I hope to be clear

I tried to use a Custom State for the repeating group. The problem comes at the time of searching for sales, because when I have to indicate the field company, it doesn’t work because I have to indicate ONE company, when really I need to calculate the variation of those two dates for ALL the companies (In the way I used before, it wasn’t a problem because when I filter by company, it has the option to select ‘This Company’ (of the companies list)