List Scheduled workflows in RG

Hi bubblers,

does anyone know it is possible to list all scheduled workflows in repeating group?
i would like to display scheduled workflows in a admin section, so that super users can see upcoming workflows that will run.



Not if you haven’t stored them in the database (which I’m guessing you haven’t)…

But if that’s something you need to do, then just create a datatype to store the relevant info about your workflows, and display that in your RG. There your Admin users can see all scheduled workflows, reschedule them, or cancel them as needed…

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Thanks Adam. I haven’t saved. But I see what you mean. Would be kind of nice to be able to pull them directly though.

But it would be possible to take the database approach, but that requires building it.

It would be, however it isn’t possible presently as far as I am aware.

Here is an example of the structure you could use if you want to build it: Prevent BackEnd Workflow from Breaking - #6 by bubble.trouble