List Shifter: Reverse, Rotate, Swap and ITERATE (Loop) Over Bubble Lists | Now Part of Floppy

Update time!: Thanks for more than 20,000 installs of List Shifter!

List Shifter is no longer available as Karma-Ware (because that experiment was a miserable failure).

If you’d like to install List Shifter in new/future projects, you can get it in my commercial plugin Floppy. Floppy has many capabilities beyond List Shifter and is only $12 per month or $24 for a one-time purchase.

Please note: I will no longer provide support for List Shifter KW, only List Shifter PRO (as it is now known in Floppy).

Get Floppy here:

Support thread here:

@zelus_pudding: A fitting tribute! Thanks! :smiley:


i cant find this plugin (List-shifter karma-ware) in the plugin page. is there a new name for it ?
i could use some help here .Thank you

@anjoorinpaul, read the post directly above yours… it tells you exactly what’s going on.


Hello and thanks again for your plug in. Im reading right now that im suppsed to move and pay for Floppy. I do not have any problem with that since your plug in delivers a real good value for me. Question is : i have the “simple” list shifter version, and i do not want to rebuild all the process from scratch on my app, how to i migrate to your plug in ? thanks

Hey @Alter345, if you’ve already got List Shifter KW installed in a project, you’re welcome of course to keep using it. And it will continue to work for you just fine. I wouldn’t actually install Floppy unless there is some other feature(s) there that are valuable to you. (It can also be a significant pain-in-the-you-know-what to swap existing plugin elements for different ones and I’m not trying to cause anyone unnecessary work!)

However, if you desire to install List Shifter in future projects, it’s only available now as part of Floppy.

Hey @keith, GREAT plugin!

I can’t figure out how to define a sort that requires the sort-by list to have a + and a Do a search:.

My display column in the RG:

In the Sort Action , I can’t figure out how to bring that all together. e.g. I can not add the + or recreate that search because in the search building I don’t have context needed (i.e. I need the search builder to offer “This User Application”, not “This text”.

Is there a work around?

I now have my source data as two lists of numbers (using hidden Repeating Groups).

If I add those together, I will have a useful Sort by List.

How can I do that?

I suspect PROCESS List would work, but I haven’t figured it out yet. :grin:

Can anyone point me to a simple example like this? (Add two lists of numbers.)

I solved this with a different approach. Based the ListShifter’s Original List, I used :format as text to contain the Search and the math:

Problem solved!

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hi bubleres

i would like to know how would u iterate a list inside the list.

i mean i have a list of experience and each experience has a list of task one did.

i am trying to build a pdf using pdf conjurer where i start iterating over experience and at one point i want to iterate over that particual experience’s tasks.

i am unable to find a way when list shifter experience starts iterating i want to iterate inside current iteration item to get current iteration item’s task and iterate through it

any idea?

Hey @karan_trivedi248, you can’t really do that with List Shifter’s Iterate action as this sequentially triggers a single workflow. So, this sort of nested recursion isn’t easily possible with List Shifter. However, the Floppy element implements a different form of looping over workflows that makes multi-workflow steps possible. In Floppy, this is called “Step Mode”.

In Floppy, you explicitly tell a Floppy to execute the Next Step, so it would in fact be possible to have a workflow that fires when it receives a step from one Floppy (let’s call it Floppy 1) . In that workflow you might trigger some Custom Event (i.e., another workflow) which could trigger Step Mode in some other Floppy (let’s call it Floppy 2), and then once that Floppy 2’s stepping is complete, you could trigger Next Step in Floppy 1.

Both List Shifter and Floppy are now found in the same plugin collection (called Floppy).

Floppy Step Mode video here:

Originally posted in the Floppy thread here:

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so can i step a floppy 1 when listshifter is iterating? or i will have to use 2 floppy one is for experience and other one is tasks related to experience?

i have a table called experience
company : text
position: text
location: text
start date : date
end date : date
success story : list of text

when list shifter pro experience iterates can i use step method for list of success story in that current iteratio item of experience?

Hey @karan_trivedi248, I would use 2 Floppy elements for this.

Is it possible to do a simple VLookup with Lift Shiftter? If so, how?
I watched 2 hours of the videos but couldn’t find the solution.
I have a database with column A (Product Name) and column B (Product Description). I want to be able to replace all As with Bs when I’m writing on a Rich Text Editor.
I imagine something like “find column A and replace with column B” in Lift Shifter.
Couldn’t do this with classic Regex or “find and replace”.

Hey @keith I’ve been using list shifter for a while, but now I’m trying to iterate through a list of numbers to calculate their logarithms (with math.js plugin) but, debugging the iteration WF, I’m finding that the iterator skips items randomly. Have you experienced this issue before? I’m iterating on 2 lists in parallel (with 2 List Shifter elements). Could this be causing “interference”?

Thanks a ton for your help!

Short answer: Yes, List Shifter cannot do that.

Hey Keith, I was able to solve this by making both iterations work in series not it in parallel :grinning:

What am I doing wrong here, I’m unable to get this this to fire.

At the end of iterating a List Shifter, I want to publish this list and re-render a chart when they are published.

Something to this effect:
End of iterating → publish list
When custom list is published → re-render chart

currently what is working is the following.
End of iterating → publish list, pause, re-render chart

But I know not to trust pauses in Javascript.

Hey @rico.trevisan, PUBLISH Custom List is not the same thing as updating the custom list.

What you’re looking for is the Iteration Complete event. That event is fired after Bubble thinks that all of the iteration workflows are complete.

Now, is it possible that your iteration workflows are “Bubble-complete”, but you have a Change Custom List (or whatever it’s called) step that isn’t actually complete? Yeah, that might be possible.

But publishing custom list is what you would do on iterate complete. Inside of your iterations, don’t publish the custom list unless you need to (the publishing wastes time).

But list shifter’s actions are serial inside of an iteration. It literally can’t reach the end of an iteration workflow unless its actions are complete.

If you can’t debug a complex iteration using list shifter, use Floppy’s Step Mode instead. Step Mode only advances on your command.

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Hi @keith ,
today I bought List shifter pro to sort my table based on a calculation inside.
I was searching the whole day through your tutorials and also checked out this demo editor that you created for basic table calculations here.

Still I cannot find what I was looking for.
I have a list of meeting attendees - I’ve also added them into LS A.

Here is my issue.
The calculation like “Meeting time” takes a LIST B (Agendas) and filters on the Current rows meeting attendees. So it basically intersects List A and the current row of List B.


How can I make this work with List shifter?

Looking forward to your support.

Hi @keith, I’ve used List Shifter/Floppy in several projects and am grateful for it. However, I keep running into an issue where the “List Shifter initialized/updated” event is fired twice in quick succession, causing a race condition problem.

Have you observed this behavior before?

I wonder if we could separate out the trigger for initialized and updated? Maybe that would do it.