List with duplicates – speed up process

Hi @lindsay_knowcode I really appreciate your List Inserter plugin so I can create duplicate entries in lists.

I am using it in a recursive backend workflow to piece together a list of 168 numbers. This list typically includes duplicates that must be preserved.

I created this massive backend workflow with 168 actions, incrementally building the list:

It works fine but takes a long time – about 2 minutes for this workflow to complete.

Is there any way to use your plugin to build a list more quickly? In other words, to put together multiple numbers (including duplicates) simultaneously, rather than incrementally?

Thanks again for this plugin!

Woah! :slight_smile: Thats a lot of actions in a workflow! I’m sure we improve that.
Just to check I understand …

original list = 1,1,2,2,3,3
add 1,2,3,4,
altered list = 1,1,2,2,3,3,1,2,3,4,

is that what you are doing? Is it alway appending on the end?

or make a simple example so I understand :slight_smile:

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Tf happened to this workflow

Would love to hear if we can help you reduce those steps at all. What are you doing here? Can you share.

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This is a truly terrible idea to do this (whatever it is) as a backend workflow.

@lindsay_knowcode, no dis to you, as your plugin would obviously be useful in backend workflow contexts. But using SSA’s (or indeed any backend workflow) to do stuff that’s easily accomplished in the page (using vanilla Bubble features or element plugins) is always preferable.

Which reminds me: FFS, Bubble, just add return value features to client-side plugin actions already!!!


Preach :raised_hands:


My app has 168 separate numbers that represent the price of a product. The price varies based on which of the 168 hours of the week (24x7) is now.

The 168 values are stored as 168 independent things (versus simply being stored as a list of 168 numbers on a single thing) so that duplicate prices are feasible – and also to enable the math operations that create the 168 values. I did not know a list with duplicate values was possible until finding @lindsay_knowcode’s plugin, but the numbers must still be stored as independent things in order to facilitate their calculation.

So now I’d like to also have these 168 numbers stored in a list, to enable fast retrieval of the current hour’s price.

How can I most quickly combine these 168 separate things (type = number, preserve duplicate values) into a single list of 168 numbers?

Or to rephrase @lindsay_knowcode’s question:

Original list = null

New list = [thing1 (type = number)], [thing2 (type = number)], [thing3 (type = number)] … [thing168 (type = number)]

Thank you very much for your help!

Yeah, I don’t understand client-side actions AT ALL. They are clearly designed just (only) for manipulating items in the DOM. How, exactly is this useful?

SSA’s (which can return values to the workflow) are exactly the API that client-side actions should always have had.

And then, when SSA’s appeared, that became the easiest way to get started with plugins. And, so, we find ourselves in this sitch where folks write plugins that do useful things, but do it in the wrong (meaning wildly inefficient) way for things that DO NOT need to run on the server.

(And conversely, Element plugins with Element Actions are not trivial to migrate to SSA’s, so you have lots of useful client-side ELEMENT plugins with interesting Element Actions that nobody [me included] can be bothered to migrate to SSA’s.) Bubble is amazingly accurate when shooting at its own foot. You couldn’t plan it better.

:raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3: This would be a game changer


pretty please

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