LIVE bubble in <iframe> never loads

I have a Bubble app with three pages.

On another site, I have three .html pages that each wrap one of the Bubble pages in an <iframe>.

I can load all three Bubble pages (using the iframes) when using version-test URLs in their <iframe>.

Two of them also work fine when I use “Live” Bubble URLs (without version-test).

However, the third just shows as blank. (For reference, this page is called “Join”.)

Any thoughts?

P.S. I am working on a non-proprietary test case to share.

I just did another test:

I added a parameter to my Bubble index page that navigates Bubble to the problem page (“Join”).

Now when the “Join” page loads in the <iframe>, it shows a 404 error.

Have you deployed to live after adding the page??

Yes. I have deployed all pages to live.

The problem page (“Join”) loads fine outside of the <iframe>.

Are you testing on Safari browser?

I have reproduced the issue in private tabs in Chrome, Safari, & Firefox.

Interesting. Try unticking the checkbox in General settings tab “Do not set cookies on new visitors by default”

In your bubble app settings do you have iframes blocked under general?

I have tried the page with checked and unchecked.

The problem is exhibited with both.

@chris.williamson1996 Other pages of this Bubble app load fine in an <iframe>.

Well I do know with iFrame’s on Safari, if your site relies on cookies you’ll get the “Loggin Session Expired” error, so you have to remove cookies.

Let me ponder some more here.

Are you using Oauth on your join page?

I am not using Oauth or any other kind of authorization.

Well, folks…

The page/<iframe> have started loading now. I do not know why.

I am in communication with Bubble Tier 2 support.

I will post here if/when I learn anything causal.

Thanks, y’all!

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