Live version redirects to main site?

Starting to play with Live version of my bubble app. However, the URL redirects to my main site (not desired).

Any ideas?

In your settings there, you are telling bubble to use the domain. Based on what I can see, it’s doing exactly what you have it set up to do.

What are you wanting to have happen instead?

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Andrew -

Hoping to embed the bubble app in the site by referencing in an iframe.

Thought the “Redirect” option configured this behavior.

Why is my domain configured?
I’ve got another (squarespace) site using the domain. I configured the domain name in bubble yesterday as part of what seems to be a required step in sending password reset email from the application via [email protected] instead of [email protected].

Thanks for your help!

This one is definitely out of my wheelhouse, I haven’t used a setup where a Bubble app is iframed into another one. Hopefully someone else on the forums has an idea here, sorry I can’t help more!

Much appreciated anyhow.

A bit of a sidetrack, but do most people run the entire site from bubble (including blog, etc)?

I think most people link to an external blog. I know I have my app header configured such that when a user clicks on “Blog,” it opens my Medium blog in a new tab. For folks running Wordpress, I’ve seen a lot of folks replicate the headers across both sites, with the links just pointing to the other site.

For some of my customers, they’re using a domain with a Wordpress, Squarespace, or Wix site as the, then the Bubble app I build them is pointed to “

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I may try the route.

Does anyone get confused with emails coming from [email protected]?

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