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First post here on the forum. I am building an app on Bubble. To ensure best SEO results, I’m planning on building the non-application portion on Wordpress and then redirecting a subdomain to Bubble for users to log in and use the application portion of the site. I plan to do the same with – and use Discourse for the forum part of the app.

Do you think this is a smart move? Is there a better way? I’d like to make the right decision now so that I don’t have to go back and refactor a bunch of stuff later.

Yes I think that’s the best way of doing it and that’s exactly what I did! Bubble is way too slow for attractive landing pages IMO.

I used the root domain for my app (simply because users have there own unique URL and it would have been a hassle using a subdomain). I also use a forum URL for Discourse, and the main landing page is over at (shameless promo intended).


Thanks for your response. I will have to think about doing what you did using “hello” or something like that for the landing pages and the root domain name for the actual app. That might actually be a better move. Thanks again. I hope others weigh in. I’d like to get a range of opinions if possible.

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No problem. I don’t want to dissuade you from using app as a subdomain as it really depends on what your app actually does.

I think users are used to browsing the main site as either a bare domain or with www. As mentioned, the only reason I did this is because my users have a unique link like If you have a similar set up then I would personally recommend that, else I think app or a similar domain is perfectly acceptable :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the additional input. Super helpful.

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No problem, and welcome to the forum btw!

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@tom10, yep, that’s pretty close to what I do too. Perfectly doable with Bubble like I have here:

  • (my main site hosted on Bubble)
  • (my discourse forum hosted on digital ocean @ $5/mo)
  • (my Ghost blog also hosted on digital ocean for another @ $5/mo)
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Thanks a lot @zelus_pudding. I appreciate your input.

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@tom10 where did you find documentation for modifying the DNS as to what records to add?