Live Webcam/Video/Capture Card & Audio Recorder with Photo Function


Im just now putting some final touches on “Webcam Recorder with Audio”.

  • Records Clips of a users Desktop or Mobile Device Webcam, Capture Card or other browser accessible media device.

  • Takes Snaps.

  • Records Audio.

  • No external Library’s, Services or Code References.

  • Specify Height & Width, The code will take care of the aspect.

  • Outputs Video/Audio/Images as Base64 Data URL’s or .webm Files.

  • Ongoing Project, Next is Peer - Peer Connections, Effects, Motion Detection & Analytic’s.



Expect the plugin here shortly!


@jarrad any chance when you’re ready for the grand reveal…access to demo app so we could test. Also ive been using Ziggeo…one thing with Ziggeo I have relied heavily upon is the fact that once recorded the length of the recording is also captured. Although this may not be a requirement in many cases would be useful to know if this is also available. Amazing work as always

The time recorded, and frame rate output’s and a few other bits are what im coding up now. I have it working really well with video/audio recording with multi pause records, they are coming out mint. Just trying to find any flaws so you guys dont have to although with this stuff there will be some fixes ahead im sure.


@jarrad any idea when this might be available in the new year

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Hi @jarrad there’s any experimental version of it?

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Hi @jarrad, is the plugin ready? Thanks

Timeline? Update?

Hello @jarrad Fiction or Reality? Coming soon?

Yes i know this one got a bit out of hand, when i posted it i knew that ios was a bit of a thorn left to finialize but 2 things happended… the first was i more than under estimated the true standing of MediaDevices.getUserMedia()… kind of feels like the black sheep of the Navigator family… nearly half of the table showing what supports the api is wrong, then if what supports it there are small deviants between resulting outputs… i was having alot of fun with this and it was even moving toward a movie editor/effects creator aswell but the fact is if i dont do it justice i will be spending more time patching than building and to be honest there really didnt seem to be a great buzz around it anyway… I really dont want to use external library’s or wrap up another services feature set with this one, this once right and finish can easily last years without a major restructure so apps could build on it or around it knowing that. So i guess the question really is apart from yourself, @Bubbleboy, @BubbleCoach and myself is there actually a demand or want for this otherwise im sorry but im going to just chip away at it in my down time. If i hit a wall that is miles past worth solving maybe then i will chop up webRTC and finish it that way. I thought you guys had what you needed in the ziggy one anyway?

ziggy one not working on iOS :wink: and very slow.

As ziggeo replacement I would pay for this plugin.
I’m sure we can get a group of people willing to sponsor this.


I think it’s very sensible that @jarrad or any other developer float the idea of a new plug-in before proceeding and consuming copious amounts of time developing… This allows them to judge the validity and addressable market. If it transpires there is not your overall demand or interest then it speaks for itself. I find it interesting that with a growing community of 100,000+ developers it seems to be a regular small group of people who show interest in the plug-ins … Plug-in groupies of which I’m one… Quite the aficionado and when a new plug-in is available I automatically feel compelled to incorporate its capabilities into my app… I need to stop that

@vincent56 i use ziggio too … What are you hoping to again? Lower baseline cost or incremental functionality above and beyond what ziggio provide… Just being nosy but don’t feel obliged to share

Not sure about the long term support, only time will tell regarding that but in general I’d like to support the plugin builder and the functionality needed doesn’t really justify the ziggeo subscription and plugin subscription.

Having it all ‘in-house’ will also help with selling to clients.

I feel developers should build what they want regardless of the monetary incentive, thats up to them.

In this case I think this could be a plugin well worth the development given the fact that there is still no solution for >50mb file uploads where the majority of those would probably be video and the fact that over 1300 apps use the ziggeo plugin says something about the potential user base.

Given the fact that Ziggeo went up from $30 to $100, I say this is worth developing (but who am I to say :slight_smile: )

What about you?

I second the willingness to purchase this type of plugin locally. Video is a massive value add, especially in the edtech space (where I play)

Just my 2 pennies

Any updates on this @jarrad?

Yes I have actually been working on this, I am so close to finishing Documental though I cant stop now - I promise I will make this one the very next one as it has a lot of work in it anyway.

Hey Jarrad, any updates on both Documental and this? Eagerly awaiting news!


Any good news of this plugin publishing?

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Great! Will this also work with Clarify or IBM Watson’s Computer Vision Recognition?

Hi Vincent,
have you considered the Pipe Video Recorder as a Ziggeo alternative?

I just published a tutorial here on how to integrate it with bubble.