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New Plugin: Pipe Video and Audio Recorder

Dear All,

I have just had my first paid plugin approved and it is now available in the Plugin marketplace. It is a plugin for Pipe (, which is a very capable alternative to Ziggeo, at half the price of Ziggeo.

With the plugin you can, amongst other things, give your end-users to:

  • Record video on desktop and mobile
  • Record audio on desktop and mobile
  • Record their screens on desktop
  • Upload video on desktop and mobile

The plugin exposes several key Pipe properties and they are mostly dynamic.

Plugin page:

Demo page:


I hope you find the plugin useful.


For anyone wondering how Pipe matches up against Ziggeo, I found this interesting comparison - Meet Pipe - The Simple Alternative to Ziggeo

Great stuff. Congrats!

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Thank you. I hope people find the plugin and Pipe itself useful.