New Plugin: Pipe Video and Audio Recorder

Dear All,

I have just had my first paid plugin approved and it is now available in the Plugin marketplace. It is a plugin for Pipe (, which is a very capable alternative to Ziggeo, at half the price of Ziggeo.

With the plugin you can, amongst other things, give your end-users to:

  • Record video on desktop and mobile
  • Record audio on desktop and mobile
  • Record their screens on desktop
  • Upload video on desktop and mobile

The plugin exposes several key Pipe properties and they are mostly dynamic.

Plugin page:

Demo page:


I hope you find the plugin useful.


For anyone wondering how Pipe matches up against Ziggeo, I found this interesting comparison - Meet Pipe - The Simple Alternative to Ziggeo

Great stuff. Congrats!

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Thank you. I hope people find the plugin and Pipe itself useful.

Really pleased to see my plugin mentioned in a Pipe blog post here and referenced in their list of integrations (see footer at

Hi @louisadekoya

I’m really keen to look at using this plugin soon. I was wondering if you know if the people over at pipe have a sandbox type environments we can build our app and use the recorder and make sure it works before paying for the licence and going live.

someone like myself who does not have much money I cannot really afford $50 a month when I’m in a development environment.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kind regards.

By the way thank you for taking the time to build this plugin and give an cheaper alternative to Ziggyeo

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Hi @timgarrett111 ,

Thanks for taking a look at the plugin. Pipe has a free 2-week trial and in my experience, the team is quite good about extending that upon request. The trial gives pretty much the full experience and the only exceptions I can think of are that videos are uploaded in SD and with the Pipe watermark.


@louisadekoya Ok, you are SOOOOO close! And I bought the plug in!!!

I need the ability to:

  1. trigger from a button (I can use a work around - but man it would be nice to not have to initiate a call to the serves that gets left open - aka, put it in a group and show/hide it with a button)

  2. Access the mobile native camera. I can if I do not select the mobile recording clients checkbox in the environment settings - but then the ‘disallow pre-record’ fails. I really don’t like all the buttons on the screen with the other viewer and the swap cameras hangs up and fails badly.

Any help? Thoughts?


Hi @robert5,

Thanks for installing the plugin.

I’ll have a look at hiding the controls but last I checked, while it was easy enough to hide them, it would mean adding functions for each of those controls and in some cases, there was some checking needed before allowing an action to fire etc. So not straightforward from what I recall, but I’ll take a look as soon as I can.

Regarding your second point, I’m not sure that this can be helped I’m afraid. If you don’t use the mobile recording clients then I don’t think Pipe can control the native camera to do things like disallowing pre-recorded uploads.

@louisadekoya Is the ‘disallow pre-record’ setting in your plugin aligned with the dpv setting? When set to 1, the native mobile recording client will attempt to hide the OS options that allow the user to select an existing recording from the photo/video library or from other services like iCloud Drive on iOS, Dropbox or Files on Android. The default value is 0.

This might help the mobile client behave better. Try deselecting the ’ Use the new 2nd gen HTML 5 recorder inline on Chrome 63+ on secure origins’ in the enviornment - you will see it then pulls the native camera on mobile.

Are you using the ‘embed code 2.0’ method?


oh, and there’s a bad bug when you try and use your method - switching camera locks the application up. I assume because it’s not meant for mobile?

Also, this recorder doesn’t have access to the native zoom either.

It’s best for mobile to access the native recorder. Just a question of how to without seeing the menu to select files from your gallery.

Im trying to use the plugin but I keep getting this page even though I checked the box saying go straight to camera

Can this be fixed? I just want it to go straight to the camera view.


Hi @tomerlan5 ,

Thanks for using the plugin. I assume that by “… the box saying go straight to camera”, you mean the Skip initial screen property of the plugin. This property maps to Pipe’s ‘sis’ property, which is described as follows in their documentation:

Short for skip initial screen. When set to 1, the initial screen with the [Record Video] or [Record Audio] text will not be shown and the desktop recording client will jump directly to the webcam recording screen …

The text in bold (emphasis is mine) means that this setting only works on the desktop recording client, which you can enable for Chrome on Android (see the plugin’s documentation or Pipe’s own docs for how) but is not available for Safari or other browsers.

The Pipe recorder offers improved support (in beta) for Safari on iOS thanks to Apple finally enabling the MediaStream Recording API by default.

Link to the Pipe team’s article on the topic:

A few people have asked me questions that relate to this so I thought I should share. If you enable the Beta in your Pipe environment, let me know the plugin works for you with it on.

Good afternoon. Congratulations on your creation, I would like to know if there is the possibility of adapting, for an external security camera, to capture vehicle license plates of the OCR or LPR type

@monitoramento.ilha, thanks for your interest in the plugin. Pipe, as far as I know anyway, doesn’t have any character recognition capabilities so you would have to build or find those elsewhere. If you will be recording the videos from a browser application then this is where Pipe might come in and if that application were to be built with Bubble then this plugin should help.

I’m not sure how you would link an external camera to your web application though. It’s not a use case that I’ve seen as yet. Perhaps you should reach out to the Pipe team via their website to see if they’ve had anyone do something similar with Pipe in the past.


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Hi there,
Are you able to record your screen and webcam at the same time?

Hi @stevenrichardlevy,

No, I don’t believe Pipe offers this currently - you have to choose one or the other.