NEW PLUGIN: Camera and Microphone Recorder

Hello fellow Bubblers,

We have just launched a neat plugin that allows you to record your camera and audio content from your browser and create a .webm video file.

Please see demo with example set up and editor:

Plugin link:

Any questions, please reach out here or

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Is there a file size limit when recording videos? I tried recording longer videos (>15min) and it didn’t work. I really need to be able to record at least 30 min. How can I configure this?

Also, is there a way to upload to Box storage instead of the bubble storage (aws) - considering Box integration is working? Maybe a workaround to transfer from amazon to Box afterwards?

Edit: did some more testing and confirmed I can record less than 5 min only @24fps…that’s not ideal and also the plugin is not showing any error / exception - so the user believes the file is being saved, but to find out later that there is no file when trying to play the video. Please confirm if you could fix this by 1) removing the file-size limit / allowing the app owner to set the limit and 2) allowing the plugin to use Box once it’s integrated and working with the app’s file uploaders.


This is good feedback thank you, we will certainly test the limits and see what can be done.

If you haven’t already, please pm us your email, so we can create a ticket tied to this issue.

Really like your plugin! Thanks!
Just a bug with ios i think:

Could you please take a look ? @wegetdesign

Hello @tomerlan5,

Thank you for your comments.

The plugin only supports Chrome Browser / Desktop.

There is no support for IOS or Safari. But if this changes, we will certainly post an update.

:frowning: Too bad its a great plugin

Yea I would absolutely use it, i just need to know if it could happen this week. If so i’ll be inclined to use it and even pay more.

@tomerlan5 In this situation, I will relay this message to one of our developers right away to give them this new information from you. :wink:

I will notify you personally as soon as I get clarifications and answers about your concerns. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I just received an answer from one of our developers regarding your concern, But in spite of our efforts, we found no way of making it work in Safari. We will look at it again in the future and give you an update if we find a concrete solution. :wink:

Thank you very much!

Thanks anyway!