Loader bar of death

All of a sudden, trying to navigate to any other page causes the blue loader bar to slowly increase in percentage across the top of my screen but never completes. I ran step by step and when I click on any button that takes me anywhere else or invokes the database in any way, I get the loader bar again.

Any one else experiencing this issue?

I did some more testing and I found it seems to be a problem in MS Edge and Brave. It seems to work OK in Chrome. I haven’t tried any other browsers yet.

Hey Paul, we’ve also had this periodically on some of our app’s pages and it only happens when we have debug mode enabled (Firefox & Chrome).

I haven’t put time into working out why it happens on some and not all the pages but workflows run fine when debug mode is disabled.

Since it is occurring across different browsers for me, I feel it is a bug with debug mode and worth submitting a bug report to Bubble.

Awesome. Thanks for the insight. Been bubbling for 3 years now and never seen this. The problem seems to have gone away randomly but when I did have the problem, Chrome was the only one that I didn’t have debug mode enabled for so your response seems to make sense with the behaviour I saw.
Thanks again

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