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Loading forever and workflow isn't starting

After I click to navigate to the next item on my page in run mode, and also in many moments when I’m navigating on my pages and/or trying to execute other actions, Bubble seems starting loading something but it isn’t running my workflows and it’s loading forever.

It is happening many times.

I’m using Chromebook. But I’ve tried it on another notebook that I use in the office to work with BI tools with Linux (Ubuntu) and Chrome, and also I’ve tested on Firefox.

Even when I try to run with “Step-by-Step” to debug it I have the same issue and no workflow runs and it don’t stop to debug. Only the blue progress bar is shown at the top of page like it is loading, but nothing really happens.

@emmanuel answered me promptly by email (thanks!) that “it seems that the search is a bit slow sometime” and they are working on database stuff these days. And he ask me to make other general questions here in forum.

So, here I am. :slight_smile: Renato, from Brazil.

I’ve created my project recently to start learn and try Bubble. I think the database is less than ~10 records in each table.
I have tables with objects like “Requests” and other like “Items”, separately. I’d like to try to mantain objects independents without the limitation of ~1000 items for a list inside any table initially. And because of it, I do “Search for” items when I select a request, for example. And here is a way of get “loading forever”.

It’s a very simple query with few records.


  1. The debug step-by-step performs no workflow even when the progress bar is “loading” at the top of page. If it is any delay of the database wouldn’t have to appear something first on debug saying which workflow and which task is running?

  2. Is there any log about workflow, task and/or performance of http requests and taks inside my dashboard?


any tip?

Without a link where other people can test, it’s a bit hard for anyone to help there.

Editor Link:

Run mode link:

Email/password in run mode: [email protected] / dentalteste