Debugger is down?

On safari, debugger stop showing up even though parameter “?debug_mode=true” remains in the URL. Instead, any workflow stop working in the background, I get an infinite loading progress bar + this message in the console:

If I remove “?debug_mode=true” from URL, everything works fine.
I have no extensions or ad blocker and remove all cookies linked with Bubble.

On chrome, debugger hasn’t been working since summer so I can’t tell if it’s only related to safari or not.

Any one else experiencing this?

I haven’t tried to reproduce it, but there’s definitely a protocol mismatch (http vs. https).

Hi Julien, i’m seeing this with brave not sure about other browser (but url changes)

I just tested with anyone can view on brave, the url changes but the debugger doesnt show either, there is just space left. I think they might be trying to fix the other bug related to certain browser.

I also use Brave as my main browser. Brave at it’s core is an equivalent of Chrome since they are both based on the open source Chromium project (to my knowledge).

On my side, I experience the same issue then you. I get a message that I’m not logged in which is false…

I used the debugger earlier today and it was working, pretty sure they aiming to fix it now

Hi @julienallard1:

I’m trying to work a solution to keep the debugger working. Safari’s privacy mode, Brave’s core privacy features, and security changes coming down the pipeline in Chrome 80 and next release of Firefox after that will break the debugger for everyone. So we’re trying to stay ahead of the curve here.

The thing is, the change I made isn’t quite there yet.

Looking at your screenshot I think you’re on a bubble site with a custom domain, but which isn’t being served over SSL. (This is a pretty uncommon configuration.) I’m going to push a fix for this combination moving forward, but there are some other pieces I need to get in place to fully future proof the debugger.


Thanks for intervening so quickly. You’re right my custom domain isn’t SSL; if I use Bubble’s native domain the debugger works.
It’s still strange though, it was working fine yesterday and before with the custom domain.

I’ll stick to Bubble’s domain until things are fixed. Meanwhile, if you need me to do some test on my side, feel free to ask.

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