Loan repayment plugin or app build required

Hi Bubblers,

I need someone to build a loan repayment schedule plugin that I can take the output list to produce various charts. Doesn’t have to be a plugin, can be an app. I am pretty sure you can do this with javascript and the javascript to bubble plugin, I just don’t have the time to figure it out.
(i think the listshifter plugin is also possible)

An example of the code for this can be found here:
just need to modify it to add a few extra inputs and outputs.

The inputs are:
Loan amount
Loan term: In years
Repayment period: Weekly or Fortnightly or monthly (output 3 lists by default)
Annual Interest rate
Extra repayment amount: This would just add to the repayment amount for the period
Extra Repayment start date:
Extra repayment end date:


List of dates: According to the period (weekly, fortnightly, monthly 3 lists by default)
List of balances: The remaining balance over the term
List of Interest: Interest charged for each period (3 lists)
List of Principles reduction: the amount that the principal reduced by for each period (3 lists)
List of repayments: would just be the repayment amount but if there’s extra repayment then the list would be the repayment for the period + the extra repayment (3 lists)
Period repayment amount: (could just be 3 separate amounts, weekly, fortnightly, monthly)

Inbox me if you’re interested and a quote and we’ll discuss…


Hey there!

Did you ever figure this out? I’m currently looking for something very similar.


I just did it myself using javascripts and chart plugins.