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I’m looking to create an app that requires users to pick their location where they want to operate. I’d like for them to have the option to select multiple, considering there are districts in some cities. Also it would be nice if the districts would be sub-categories so a user can select the whole city to operate in.

What could be a solution to do this? Or do I have to insert every city manually?

These are my assumptions. Are they correct?

  • Your users can select any combination of cities and city districts to operate in.
  • You user can select an entire city, and optionally select or deselect specific districts within that city.

Are the districts in each city valid Google Maps locations? For example, here in the city of Cleveland, Ohio there is a neighborhood (or district) called Gordon Square. In the nearby city of Lakewood, Ohio there is a district called Bird Town.

Both Gordon Square and Bird Town are valid Google Maps locations.

So for your app, you could just make your users select the cities and districts to work in by entering in the location via a Maps auto search field.

Then make your users select which cities and districts they don’t want to work in.

So (using my examples) you could have a user say I’ll work in Cleveland but not Gordon Square.

And I can have another user say they’ll work in Gordon Square but not Cleveland.

And I can have another user say they’ll work in Cleveland (which by default would include Gordon Square).

Does this at all help?

Thank you for the answer, your assumptions were correct.

I’ve set it up, but I’m having trouble restricting the results to cities and districts only. It’s showing every street and everything. How could I do that?

Oh and also I’d like the user to be able to pick more than 1 location ( for example 1 city’s 2-3 districts instead of all) @firstfifteensoftware

Thanks for the help in advance! :slight_smile:

The Google Maps autocomplete should let you just enter in a city or district as a value. For example, you should be able to just type in “Cleveland, OH” and it will come up Cleveland, Ohio, USA", which you could save as an area to serve…no streets at all.

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