Lock Background - Popup

Does anyone know how to lock backgrounds under Popups and Floating Groups?

I’m fine without it on a desktop, but on mobile devices sometimes the screen has issues on the ‘which’ container to scroll. E.g. popup/floating-group open, try scroll, but scrolls the screen underneath

If I understand correctly, you can give a fixed height to the popup and it will scroll just by itself.

For example, this is the behavior without a fixed height (INF max height):

And this is the behavior with fixed height (80%):

Sorry, I should have included an example. This is my specific issue:

Floating Group open: https://youtu.be/8h8CX8i71WI?si=YOljBUJag8lLajXj

you are looking for:

/* CRUD floating group on page fixed position */
.fixed-page {
position: fixed!important;

youll need to add a class or ID to the page where you want this to be fixed… there are a number of ways to do it, but this is one way.

if you add an html element to the page and make it 0px wide, 0px high.
then add:

/* note on what this does */ .fixed-page { position: fixed!important; }

Add the Classify plugin ( you dont need this, but you will in the future, if you havent already)

now in the popup or floating group create a text state called ‘fixed page’ - or whatever.

When you trigger open the popup change the ‘fixed page’ state text to: {tempClass: “my-class”}

When you close the popup, fg, just clear the state (make it empty, nothing) - this uses the new temp classed in Classify.

On the page add the state of the fg, or popup you created above.

This should do it for you. (ill assume your a fellow aussie :slight_smile: by the name)

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